Our Approach

A force for good, a force for God, defender of the helpless, innovator, perfectionist, obsessed with order and cleanliness, often late, determined and persistent, empathetic and reliable are just a few words randomly assimilated by Anric to describe me. Being somewhat shy, its hard to introduce yourself.

Grew up in New York, travelled the world, working and contributing ever since she can recall, bought my first house at age 21, always worked hard, grateful for a tremendous career in hedge funds, finance, private equity, co-founder of The Little Baby Face Foundation, previously CEO of GlobalFundExchange, COO at FNY Capital, EGS, Croesus, Argonaut, Lehman etc – see bio on LinkedIn.

Our Story

Loves: Children, dogs, cats, horses, birds, squirrels, …. actually all animals, even makes us rescue spiders, bees and moths. Loves wine, food, movie nights, hanging out in her PJ’s, loves cooking, dancing, organizing, debating, stick shift cars, reading, cooking, entertaining, traveling, exercising, exploring, shopping, renovating houses, helping others.

Dislikes: fake news, haters, indecisive people, waiting, unmade beds, stingy people, cheap shoes,

Believes in: God, country, family, the good in people, silver linings, doing the right thing and fairy tales

Starsign: Taurus, what else

Favorite meal: Filet Mignon with Sauce Bernaise, Creamed Spinach and of course Caymus Special Selection

Favorite movies: Gone with the wind, A good year, or any Disney movie

Motto by which she lives: Make a difference – every day !

Meet the Dogs

DOG is GOD spelled backwards - they really are God's gifts to us


Rigoletto Diavolo

Alpha Dog


Ciccia Louise

Queen LaCiccia


Giorgio Cannoli


Make a difference...

My personal motto is:  "Make a difference .... every day" so if there is a way I can make a difference in your life, please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you, sincerely, Lauralouise Blatt