Is the World Giving you What you Want?….Here’s How To Get It

Are You Getting What You Want Out of Life?

If you are not getting what you want and desire out of this World, perhaps it is because you are not clear about your outcome.

My husband reminded me of this recently when I was running a half marathon.  You see, I had a goal, but for the month prior to the race I hadn’t trained properly and was also experiencing some bizarre pain in my right foot.  On the night before the race, I told him that although I had a goal to beat my previous time by 7 minutes, I would now be happy if I could even repeat my last time.  He looked at me and said, “you can do this, you just need to DECIDE”.  It was hard to refute this, since those very words had been my mantra with him and my boys forever.  He said, get your eyeliner out and write your time on the mirror in our hotel bathroom.  I thought about it, and then got the pencil out.  I was tempted to write a time that was a few minutes slower than what I initially hoped to achieve – but th

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