Mark Cuban and Kyle Bass discuss cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, how to fix healthcare and much more

Here is another great video from the team at Real Vision. Once a month, they send me a highly-rated Real Vision film. Subscribers pay a lot of money for this kind of content. Now you might be thinking: why give away premium content for free? What’s in it for them? It’s simple really. They’re really proud of the valuable content they produce. And they hope that by sharing some of the best stuff with us, we’ll try out a subscription to Real Vision Television (which is also free for 14-days, by the way).

So today, they’re kicking things off with a video one subscriber Justin M. calls an “Amazing interview. One of my favorites of all time”, another subscriber Colin H. calls it simply: “f-ing brilliant.”

It’s an illuminating conversation between super investor Mark Cuban and Texas hedge fund manager Kyle Bass.

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