Is the World Giving you What you Want?….Here’s How To Get It

Are You Getting What You Want Out of Life?

If you are not getting what you want and desire out of this World, perhaps it is because you are not clear about your outcome.

My husband reminded me of this recently when I was running a half marathon.  You see, I had a goal, but for the month prior to the race I hadn’t trained properly and was also experiencing some bizarre pain in my right foot.  On the night before the race, I told him that although I had a goal to beat my previous time by 7 minutes, I would now be happy if I could even repeat my last time.  He looked at me and said, “you can do this, you just need to DECIDE”.  It was hard to refute this, since those very words had been my mantra with him and my boys forever.  He said, get your eyeliner out and write your time on the mirror in our hotel bathroom.  I thought about it, and then got the pencil out.  I was tempted to write a time that was a few minutes slower than what I initially hoped to achieve – but then something happened – I got courageous.  Yup it is true, I thought to myself, this is the perfect test to see if I can make my dreams happen.  So, in that moment of courage I wrote down the time – and chanted, I MUST DO THIS!

During the 4th mile of the race, my foot was bothering me, and I thought I would stop after the next mile and walk.  But, then I got to mile 5 and told myself that I could make it one more mile without walking.  I did this, quite seriously, until the end of the race.  GUESS WHAT…Not only to I get my time, but I was 1 minute faster than the time I wrote on the mirror!

So, you might be wondering what the moral of this story is – and what this has to do with the World giving you what you want.  Well, like me, most of us know what we want, but sometimes we are not clear on the details, or we don’t put a time frame on it, and rarely do we share it with others.  The book, “The Motivation Manifesto” by Brendon Burchard, reminds us of a few poignant questions that need to be addressed in order to get what you want:

  • Does the World really know who you are and have you continuously communicated it with clarity and conviction?
  • Have you directed yourself purposefully, so that you are living your highest truth and serving your highest calling?
  • Do you feel grateful for your day, your life, your health, your family?
  • Has your job, family, stress, claimed your life agenda?

In essence, these questions hold the secret of how to get what you want.

How To Get What You Want:

  1. Get really clear about what you want.  Start gathering momentum, force and congruency with what you want and who you want to be – then share it with as many people as possible.  Yes, this takes a bit of courage if we are going to be really honest, but the results are truly worth it.
  2. Once you are clear about your purpose and vision and have shared it openly, start living your purpose by committing to small outcomes each day that move you towards that vision.  For me that is 3 outcomes a day.
  3. Be grateful – If you live in the Western World, you have a lot to be grateful for.  It is important, no matter your struggle, to have gratitude for each blessing and each challenge.  As it is only through challenge that we get better, and only through gratitude that we enjoy the journey.
  4. Take back your agenda.  Literally, write down each day small steps to get you to your outcome and visualize it.  Use a journal and track your progress.  Remember, Perfection is an unachievable goal.  You have to start in order to be GREAT, but you cannot be great if you don’t START.  So START!  Move towards your goals with Force, Will and Consistency.

Stay on the Boulevard of your Dreams….and they will come!  I Would love to hear how you are implementing this in your life and what results you are getting.

Make A Difference….Everyday and SHINE On!

Lauralouise Blatt